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Carefully Selected “Seasonal Gifts”

The menu at Ginza Tenharu is drafted in accordance with the four seasons of Japan. Deep consideration is given when choosing our seasonal ingredients to delight our guests with our finest tempura and getting them to experience the four seasons of Japan through their tastebuds.
Delicate and Exquisite “Gem”

Experience the four seasons of Japan at Ginza Tenharu with your five senses.
Sight - Witness the appetising colours of tempura with your eyes.
Hearing - Fill your ears with the enchanting sound of crackling oil.
Smell - Immerse in the aroma with your nose.
Touch - Feel the crispiness on the outside and tenderness on the inside of our tempura with your mouth.
Taste - Savouring all the delightful flavours with your tastebud.
Soothing “Hideaway” in Ginza

Located in a quiet corner of the busy Ginza district of central Tokyo and with its exquisite design inspired by Japanese tea houses, Ginza Tenharu provides you with an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Get yourself seated at our cedarwood counter and immerse in its aromatic effects at this little hideaway.